Problems, problems!

Forums Imaging USB 2 SX camera on USB 3 port? Problems, problems!

Jeremy Shears

So, my brand new HP laptop arrived and all works well, except the SX CCD camera!!

Most downloads have short white lines as shown in the screenshot.


1. The lines are in different position each download and are occasionally absent

2. I get problems with AstroArt, with SX software and with SharpCap (the last 2 give error code 1235)

3. I have tried several different USB cables

4. Both the laptops USB 3.1 ports give the same result

5. No other programs are running on the laptop and it’s in flight mode, so hardly any background activity

Terry Platt at SX has been very helpful. He has sent updated drivers and updated firmware. He has suggested it might be caused by system interrupts (computer doing other tasks) during download.

Might anyone have any suggestions?