Progress and testing.

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Dr Paul Leyland

It looks like I may now have a portable photometry toolkit which should run most anywhere as the components are written in Java and Perl.

The raw input data is a FITS image to be analyzed and an AAVSO CCD-photometry chart downloaded from then saved in HTML format.  The latter is first parsed into a couple of plain text files, one of which is a list of sources to be found and analyzed by APT, the other a summary of the data for the comparison stars.

APT is then instructed to perform the aperture astronomy and write a CSV file of its findings.  The latter is then processed by a Perl script to produce a TSV file suitable for submission to the BAA-VSS — or so I believe.

Would anyone like to be a beta-tester of this stuff?  It’s limited but apparently functional.  It should run anywhere with a Perl installation and a Java Virtual Machine but that hasn’t yet been proven.

Extensions to use AIJ (and possibly other photometry engines) are planned, as is smoothing out rough edges.

Please mail me for source code and hand-holding.  You’ll need the latter as the documentation for my stuff is non-existent at present (that will change), though the code is well commented.  APT is very well documented.