Re: AL Com

Gary Poyner


Your correct – there isn’t a lot out there on AL Com.  There is this from 2001 which you might find interesting…

First detection of the growing humps at the rapidly rising stage of dwarf novae AL Com and WZ Sge   Ishioka et al…

You will probably need to read up on UGSU or UGWZ stars to find a direct reference to AL Com.  Taichi Kato et al has written a series of papers entitled   “Survey of Period Variations of Superhumps in SU UMa-Type Dwarf Novae” in which AL Com is included.  I think there are currently nine papers in this series so far.

Hopefully the observations are being reported to the VSS database – although a look this morning suggests that some haven’t been uploaded yet.  So far we have M. Joslin and myself visual and I. Miller, M. Mobberley and R. Pickard CCD – with Miller and Pickard reporting time series.   I envisage a report on the outburst once it’s over appearing in a future VSS Circular.