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Dr Paul Leyland

I can provide my VS pipeline to anyone who may find it interesting and/or useful.  The stages run as follows, where the bolded terms are my scripts, most of them in Perl, one in bash:

  • Download a CCD photometry HTML file from AAVSO’s VSP page, then run it through CCD2APT which produces two files, one a source list for APT and the other a comparisons list for APT2VSS (described below).  This needs be done only once per variable.
  • (Optional but recommended) Check the images for plausibility — correct field, not trailed, no inconvenient satellite tracks, etc.  I use the ds9 viewer.
  • Put a WCS on the FITS files with solve-field from a local installation of  For efficiency reasons I store a pre-parameterized call to solve-field held in a trivial shell-script.  That for SV Ari reads:

solve-field -O -p -L 0.25 -H 1.5 -u app -8 pos -3 03:25:03.34 -4 +19:49:52.9 -5 2.0 -z 4 *.fit

  • Remove all the extraneous crud that solve-field leaves behind with clean_solve.
  • Co-add if desired, using SWarp with COMBINE-T = AVERAGE
  • Use APT for aperture photometry, either interactively or scripted.  APT is very easy to script.
  • APT2VSS converts APT’s CVS-format output into a TSV file ready for submission directly to the BAA-VSS database.
  • (Optional, every so often) Accumulate all the individual TSV files for a given variable with merge_phottsv into a multi-record file suitable for BAA-VSS submission.
  • (Optional, once a month) Run all the BAA-VSS files created in a given month through VSS2TA to produce a file in the format which The Astronomer prefers.

Scripting the core of the pipeline is itself trivial.