Re: CV

Gary Poyner

VSNET-alert 26333 today announced that early superhumps with a period of 0.05404(4) d and amplitude of 0.055m had been detected (by Tonny Vanmunster), and that the object is a UGWZ type star.   I must say that to me it seems a bit early to give this classification as definite, so probably wait for more data before we all go down the pub to celebrate.   Taichi Kato isn’t often wrong in these matters though.

There is a chart and a very limited sequence (two stars so far) available for download from the AAVSO here, using the designation XM78HT or AT 2021ABOG.

Latest magnitude in the AAVSO DB is Vanmunsters showing 13.9-14.0C. (Oct 18.2 UT)