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Posted by Callum Potter at 14:34 on 2011 Nov 17

Hi Mark,I had a diagonal re-aluminised by Vacuum Coatings in the summer, and they did a good job. Helpful in advance, and returned in expected timescale, and coating looks fine.I have been thinking about getting my main mirror re-aluminised too, but I have been thinking about OO for that, mainly because Crewe and Saturday morning opening makes it a bit easier for me to take the mirror to them and collect. As its 52cm I’m not so keen on shipping it.But I think i will try giving it a clean first, as i’m not sure it really needs re-aluminising yet. I cleaned a small centre area to respot it over the summer, and it looks fine there. So, you might find that the coating is still good but dusty.Regards, Callum