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Derek Robson

Hi John

That is an interesting observation – paying good attention to the detail in your observation, when you were unaware the prediction was out by a certain amount.   I made some quick un-tracked images of the comet the morning earlier 16/4/20 between 04:28 – 05:02 UT.   I was just curious as to whether I could find it. I’d been spending time previously on comets Y4 and T2, but noticed this comet Y1 listed on Heavens Above, so I thought I’d see if I could find it.  I was fighting against the bluing sky and should have went out earlier to try.  But it didn’t take long to find it by trial and error imaging the area.  I spotted a green ball against the dark bluish sky, so I thought that has to be it.  So ran off a few shots.  I’ll stack and post later.  I will assume that it will appear in the wrong position.