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Posted by Nick James at 11:54 on 2011 Nov 05

I’ve gone back to the original raw video from the camera at BH and have re-edited the Awards part so that Hazel is now visible (just) in the bottom right hand of the frame.Callum is right that it would be nice to have a couple of cameras, one on the screen and one on the speaker, but then the editing process required before we could upload the video would be more of a problem and probably, if it depended on me, wouldn’t get done…Nick.For those technically interested the camera at BH is an HD widescreen one locked off on a bracket at the back of the room. It feeds to an SD DVD recorder which records the widescreen picture in a 4:3 letterbox format but with a bizarre aspect ratio. The audio is now recorded on a separate voice recorder with a tie mic. I have a script that rips the DVD, sorts out the aspect ratio and then crops the video. I then align the audio with the video, combine them and generate the MP4s that get uploaded to the BAA website. To get Hazel in the FoV I manually ran this process with different crop settings.