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Posted by Norman Morton at 23:00 on 2011 Feb 12

Hi again Roy & thanks for the heads up on the "Virtual Moon Atlas", It’s downloading now :)..I also found this site for TriStar Map Atlas I’ve downloaded them & am now in the process of printing them of, I will then Laminate them myself as I have the gear to do it (It saves me a few quid rather than buying ready laminated maps) :)…. Also Thanks to Robin for pointing me in the direction of Star Maps, Although they do look pretty confusing to me at the moment. I’m going to look for a Total beginners guide to astronomy so I can start to get to terms with things, I really am that green ;-)… All I really know is when I look up to the night sky I can pick out some of the constellations, but thats about it!! So I have along way to go :)…I’m not put off in the least by all my confusion at the moment about knowing my way around the night sky, more, really excited about learning more & wanting to learn, also to have a better understanding of just whats out there.It’s only now that I’m in a position where I can begin to spend the time & effort to Learn more about this fascinating subject after spending alot of my working life travelling to various places around the world & many of those in fairly hostile environments (worked on Land based Drilling rigs).It’s mostly to do with my interest in photography & wanting to take pictures of the things in our night sky that I’ve often wondered what they look like if you could see them more clearly, Thats maybe the wrong reason by some peoples standards, but it’s whats drawn me to look into it in more detail :).Sorry!!…. I’ve rambled on abit there, I’ll stop now :-)…Thanks to everyone here that are trying to help me, it’s really appreciated & my enthusiasm is going from strength to strength..Have a Good Weekend allNorman