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Posted by Roy Hughes at 14:47 on 2011 Feb 09

Norman,Note that Philips SPC880 webcams (a SPC900 firmware upgrade is available free, or Morgans will do the firmware mod for you for £2.99) and adapter kits are being flogged by Morgans at the moment. Not as cheap as they were last year but still very reasonable. The SPC900s give very good results on the Moon using software and techniques readily (FREEly) available on the net, just google with somthing like Webcam Astronomy, SPC900, etc.I’ve not had a lot of success with planets. But others with more patience have. Just a couple of years ago they were state of the art at any (very amateur) price.see… various (more info) buttons will lead you into a sea of information, I spent a happy couple of hours surfing this on Monday. Best of luck,Roy