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Posted by Norman Morton at 16:12 on 2011 Feb 15

Roy Hughes wrote:

Norman,One more note – watch out which set of instructions you follow when converting the webcam for basic astro use.…and scroll down a lot(!) has a good explanation. You just need to unscrew the lens!The funny foot will just snap off (snap as in elastic not snap as in break).Some of the pages out there include the long exposure mod and start by ripping the case apart and you won’t want this, at least not at first!Roy

RoyAgain, Thanks so much for the link & all the help your giving me. In fact the help I’m receiving from all of you is indispensable & I am truly grateful.As regards to the ‘SPC900’, It will only ever be used with the Explorer 200P Scope I have ordered, So my Webcam order consist of:-SPC880 (with firmware upgrade to SPC900)Philip’s SPC880 1.25inch webcam adaptorIR/UV blocking filter 1.25inchSo the link you put up for me is just the order thanks :-)I had the ‘Skywatcher EQ5 Polar Alignment Scope’ & ‘Light Pollution Filter’ arrived today, the Canon 1000D (Body only & (spare battery & remote)) arrived on Saturday.So it’s all beginning to come together now & as the main scope doesn’t arrive until the end of the month it’s giving me time to do alot of reading, printing, laminating & generally getting my head around things :-).The computer is pretty much ready also, so will be installing the OS & transferring all the links, software & info that everyone has given or linked to me..Thanks againNorman