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Posted by Roy Hughes at 12:50 on 2011 Feb 18

Norman,Since you’ve homed in on the Canon DSLR you might find Michael Covington’s site(s) useful.Start with… and see what you think.(In the US of A the Canon models seem to carry the "Rebel" trade name, there are various sites with translation tables!)I’ve no personal experience with M. C. and Canons, but I have built (and modified) a couple of his projects and they worked out OK.See if you are curious – I set this one up a a learning exercise in 2002. Then the ISP went belly up and I could no longer update it. So now its a read-only, orphan, page. I think the links still work.I think you said you have a 35mm SLR. Depending on make you may be able to use the lenses with the Canon as you do not need the auto fuctions for astro work. When I last looked on ebay there were a number of adapters for Nikon and other makes, mainly from Hong Kong. But see Michael’s comments, you might need a support bar. [My SLRs are Nikon, and I was looking at Canon DSLRs too.]Roy