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Posted by Norman Morton at 15:32 on 2011 Feb 18

Thanks once again Chaps :)@ RoyI’ll have a look at links & pages you’ve suggested, I will hang on for now before I download or order anymore gear, Until I receive my Scope & see just what I’m going to need or may require.Yes I do have an old 35mm Pentax SLR & would require some sort of adaptor to make the lenses fit the Canon 1000D, again I’ll wait & see once I receive the scope to see which way I go on this one. I have a programmable remote for my 1000D ‘LCD Timer Remote switch cord cable for Canon’ which gives me many options for timed exposures of up too 100 hours, reviews from other users sound very promising. Thanks again for the links :)..@ TonyThanks Tony, I have the BAA book on DSLR Astrophotography & it was the source of where I got the advice about the remote *see above*, It’s a good read & full of great tips & advice, so Thanks for your input :)..Just as a side note… I received the SPC880 (flashed to SPC900) webcam today & have taken the lens out and installed the adaptor & filter, so providing I get the time this weekend I will be installing the software onto my computer to give it test run in a dimly lite room, as it suggests, Although I realise the focusing will be non-plus until it’s attached to the scope, but as they also sent me a second ‘Un-flashed SPC880′(I only ordered one webcam?) will probably have more success with that one..Thanks again Gentlemen :)Norman