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Posted by Norman Morton at 18:20 on 2011 Feb 19

Hello RoyYes it certainly does seem I got a very good deal on the SPC880 NC,I paid £9.16 for the camera,£8.32 for the adapter, £10.82 for the filter & another £2.49 for them to flash the camera to SPC900. In Total with VAT it came to £39.28 + I got an extra SPC880 NC un-flashed into the bargain, so am well pleased…I downloaded some software dedicated to acquiring Astrophotography called, ‘K3CCDTools’ (got to run that in windows xp SP2 mode for it too work on Win 7 & will have to pay for this, around £35 if I use it after the 35 day trial) & ‘WcCtrl Webcam control software’ (this is free).The Flashed Webcam is working, although obviously the pics are very blurred as it’s not on the scope yet & I don’t know how to use these pieces of software yet :),Alot more reading to do yet lol, but it appears to be working fine after me adapting the lens E.t.c. Also I have loaded the ‘VMA’ you suggested onto my computer & all is well & it runs great :-), Thanks for the Advice on that one..I have installed ‘DeepSkyStacker’ that was suggested in the BAA Book ‘Introduction to DSLR Astrophotography’ It says in the book that I’ll need an Image processing programme to get the best from it, at Present I use ‘Photoshop Elements 6’ do you think this will suffice or should I perhaps try the ‘IRIS’ Image processing package that is suggested in the book? it’s a free download so nothing to loose I guess..Sorry for the Long post & Numpty questions, I know I’m trying to look at things without even having got the Scope yet & this is probably not the best way to go about things, Just trying to sort out the best software that will suit my needs if it’s possible to do that without having all the necessary Equipment… Too Eager Huh ;-)…Thanks for all your time on this RoyRegardsNorman