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Posted by Norman Morton at 18:21 on 2011 Feb 20

Hi RoyMany thanks for another very informative reply.. Like you say, I don’t really want to be ‘splashing the cash’ if I have no need to :)..I’ll certainly give the ‘Registax’ a shot, as too begin with it’ll more than likely be the moon that I will be experimenting with when I’m finally up & running, purely from the point of view that it’s the easiest to see & learn to set things up on.I’ll have a deco also at ‘SharpCap’, for now I think I’ll stick with my ‘Photoshop Elements’ for final polishing & see how it goes once I have everything up & running, It’s a fairly powerful piece of software & I already know my way around it to a certain degree, If it turns out not to be geared up for Astrophotography I can always try one of the other’s as you suggest, Again this I will find out when I’m fully geared up myself :)..I already have a very decent Colour Printer E.t.c at home & plenty of various size Photo paper, Gloss & Matt finnish because like you ,It’s nice to have actual Photo’s to look at & pass around, I even have the Mount material & cutting gear for framing for the very best shots :)..It’s probably been a good thing that I am unable to get my ‘SkyWatcher Scope’ until the end of the month, as I’ve had so much else to source & acquire, read & digest, that if I had gotten everything in one hit I think it would have given me a Brain overload lol.. OHHHH & the weather has been just awful down here in ‘sunny Cornwall’ the last couple of weeks ;)…I found I have an Astronomical Society very local to me at ‘Calington’ a mere 7 miles from me & will be getting in touch with them soon..Cheers once again Tony, you’ve been A great help :-)..Norman