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Posted by Norman Morton at 16:03 on 2011 Feb 09

Hiya & Thanks for the quick replies :)@ Andrea~~~ Thanks for those sugestions Andrea,Much appreciated :), You do realise I’m holding my head in my hands with shame now…. I forgot my Panasonic SLR didn’t have a detachable Lens… What a Numpty I am.. Sorry about that.. I was thinking about my old 35mm camera which does have that.. Anyway.. many thanks. :)I’ve had alook around & although I can get hold of the Canon 300D I’m thinking of going with the Canon 1000D, simply because it’s around 4 Megapixals larger than the 300D but only £60 dearer (for body only) & so i’m assuming I’ll get a better image quality using the 1000D..I’m going to go with the 200P (I thought that would be the one as it has the 8") & gives me a better chance of catching some Half deccent Photo’s.. Again thanks for your Advice on that also :)@ RoyThanks for your reply Roy & the link :).. Nice place lol.. Am thinking i’ll get one of these as well for when I’m at home sitting at the computer Star Gazing…Will use the Canon 1000D for when I go out to the edge of Bodmin Moor running the Scope off the 12v from the car or bat pack…All the bestNorman