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Posted by Norman Morton at 21:49 on 2011 Feb 21

RoyThats fine, no worries:)…. The memory thing…….I have the same problem ;)..As it has come to mind that I will be using my Laptop for some Astrophotography (I say that a little tongue in cheek!!… As my laptop has a 18.4" screen & two high end graphics cards in SLi mode)) & was envisaging problems with the battery lasting longer than an hour & a half (at best) out in the field so to speak. I didn’t want to go to the expense of getting another Lappy, I have purchased (at a very good price of only £40) a 500W Power Inverter I can run off my car battery (I already have a good outdoor (waterproof) 5m extension lead & USB lead.The idea being that I can run the Scope/Mount & also the Laptop using a 5m USB lead from the scope back to the car & power it all from the inverter Which should be ample to run both, Am hoping that the vehicle will be far enough away not too interfere with the scope?? will have to see how that all works out I know & that I may be barking mad for trying it… But …Hey!! nothing ventured, nothing gained :)…My reason for this set-up is that I live Bang smack in the middle of town, so most of my work will be done out on the edge of Bodmin Moor, I also have a couple of relatives & friends back gardens out in the country that i can use on occasions, but I don’t want to keep bothering them every time I have an opportunity or chance to go out Sky Watching E.t.c..Not sure if what I’m attempting is possible or advisable, But if it isn’t then I’ll have a re-think & come up with something else, but either way I will get to do some Astrophotography & Night Sky Watching :)…RegardsNorman