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Posted by Norman Morton at 12:01 on 2011 Feb 22

Hi TonyThat was a good idea :)…I thought about the battery running flat & so my Idea was that if I had the scope on an extension lead (5m) from the car I could still run the car to keep the battery charged up & not have it interfering with the scope, Not sure if it will work set-up like that but thought it might be worth a try.The inverter will give a good constant power supply with no peaks or drop off of power & I know it will give me more than enough power to run the scope & BIG Laptop that i have….. Thats the theory anyway :)..I haven’t heard from ‘Harrisons Telescopes’ yet about the delivery of the scope, but am still hopeful it will arrive for the end of the month & then the experimenting will begin…..Weather permitting :)..Norman