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Posted by Norman Morton at 14:14 on 2011 Feb 24

Just a quick up-date..Had the good news today from ‘Harrison Telescopes’ that my scope has been dispatched & should be with me tommorro….. The Excitement is now at fever pitch ;-)..Am looking forward to getting to grips with the learning of setting up & getting used to the scope & what I’m looking at before I go for the Photography part of things :-)…..NormanEdit~ Scope arrived today & It’s Beautiful :-)….. Was surprised how heavy the mount is after it’s all put together, But I realise that is important & means it should be very Steady, The motors are beautifully smooth running & the whole thing seems very nicely put together…My only problem is that my Rather Large Laptop doesn’t have a ‘6 pin Serial Com port’ so I have to order an adapter from the ‘6 pin connector on the RS-232 Cable’ to a USB connection so I can connect it up to my puter & use some auto guider software OHH & a Mains adapter to run from the Inverter (rather than using the cigarette lighter socket from the car)… So I’m well Pleased & am now looking forward to some better weather so I can at least get to learn how to set it up & begin Star Gazing :-)..N.