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Posted by Norman Morton at 19:51 on 2011 Mar 03

Hi RoyCrikey!! Thats amazing you got such clear pics just using a standard Webcam, Very interesting indeed,Just goes to show though, that you don’t have to have alot of expensive gear to get to view & take pics of our Night sky’s, Thanks for sharing :)..considering I got a spare SPC880 NC when I got the flashed one, It means I have an ever growing means of getting some pics & alot of experimenting to do on my part :)…I now have pretty much everything organized now, I’m going to be Collimating the Skywatcher this weekend, so am hoping for some good clear nights next week so I can get the hang of setting up the scope (First set up will be in day light on a distant object) & getting to terms with setting up on some night images, before I attempt any photo work with it. But am excited about getting to grips & learning about this fascinating subject..I’ve already Flashed the up-dates into the Synscan Handset & Motor Drives (had to get an adapter to go from the RS-232 cable that comes with the Synscan to a USB (my laptop doesn’t have a Com port)) Hence why it’s taken me until now before I’ve gone out with the scope, wanted to make sure I had everything up to date…. Although from what you achieved with just a normal Webcam, maybe I’m too over cautious ;-)….As I said, I’m hoping to be able to get out & about next week, Weather permitting & free time permitting :)…. Will be going to Liverpool Next weekend to visit Son, so really want to get out & at least get the scope set-up & pear into the cosmos if only for a little while :)…All the BestNorman