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Posted by Norman Morton at 18:01 on 2011 Feb 10

Hi TonyThanks very much for your input & advice, It’s much appreciated :)I’d never heard of the Telrad Finder, but it does look to be a good buy for someone like myself just starting out.The adapter for the Scope is on order as is the Canon 1000D camera..I do want to Photograph deep sky as well as solar objects & was trying to pick something that would (with abit of maybe filtering or adding certain adapter lenses) that would as a starting point give me some, If not all of what i would like to picture.. But I do take on your advice, so many thanks again for that.Have been looking around for star maps/atlas’s & guides, Doing a lot of reading up & beginning to get a very little grasp of things :). The welcome pack I recieved from BAA has come in very handy for finding information & links :).. Great pack I have to say..Thanks again for your Advice & TimeRegardsNorman