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Posted by Norman Morton at 22:22 on 2011 Feb 10

Hi GrahamWOW!!!!! Thats a great site you have there, can see you spent alot of time & effort…Fantastic & Congratulations :)..You have wealth of imformation on there that relates to what I was hoping to do, albeit maybe not as clear as some of your images but gives a good idea of what I can get near to with a smaller Dia Mirror (8") on the SkyWatcher Explorer 200P EQ5 PRO SynScan 200mm Newtonian I have ordered & Canon 1000D @ 10megapixel.. :)..I shall enjoy reading through your very comprehensive & imformative pages while I wait for my scope to arrive sometime towards the end of the month.Do you believe that even with my smaller scope & camera that I will be able to achieve some good shots of not just Deep Sky but also Lunar & Planetary close ups?… With the help of your site of course :-)..Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post & help/advice that you provide… That goes to all of you….ThanksAll the bestNorman