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Posted by Robin Vann at 09:02 on 2011 Feb 11

Here are a couple of book/atlas recommendations:’The Observer’s Sky Atlas, 3rd. Ed.’; E. Karkoschka; Springer; New York; 2007.’Sky Atlas 2000.0 Field Laminated, 2nd. Ed.’; Wil Tirion & Roger W. Sinnott; Sky Publishing Corporation; Cambridge, MA; 1998.’Sky Atlas 2000.0 Companion, 2nd. Ed.’; Robert A Strong & Roger W. Sinnott; Sky & Telescope Media; Cambridge, MA; 2008.The first is a small paperback and contains a catalogue of 250 deep sky observing projects along with photographs. It contains observing notes for the objects and the presentation is very concise. I would thoroughly recommend this.The second, in it’s various forms (permutations of colour/black on white/white on black, paper/laminated) has become a standard. I have recommended the ‘Field Laminated’ edition which is white objects on a black background (to preserve night vision) on wiro-bound large plastic sheets.The acetate overlay supplied for measuring seperations also has ‘Telrad’ finder circles to match with a Telrad finder view should you invest in one.I find it useful to take a fairly hefty music stand into the garden to place the Sky Atlas on, along with my drawing pad (I’m a visual observer).I have also recommended the deep sky catalogue for this atlas (the publisher seem to have changed name) as it contains valuable observing notes. There are also catalogues of stars available for this but I feel they are of a less importance, details about stars being easily obtainable via the internet.Hope these recommendations are of interest.