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Posted by Norman Morton at 15:29 on 2011 Feb 11

Hi RobinThanks for the list & info, much appreciated.. Looks like I’m going to be doing alot of reading & digesting of Information & instructions ;-)..Getting quite excited now I’m starting to get all the equipment & reading material together, Also seeing some of the images that others have got using similar equipment to me, is a real incentive.I know alot of those images are gotten so good with the help of using the "stacking" software on a computer, The computer side of things doesn’t faze me at all as I have always built my own computers from many years back & my present computer which is Water cooled, overclocked & built for high graphics & heavy processing content, so am looking forward to working on my efforts when I get my scope hopefully by the end of the month :)All the BestNorman