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Posted by Americo Watkins at 22:45 on 2011 Jul 13

Evening Richard Thanks for your comments and advice. I believe I may have replied to you individually rather than as a post on the forum.I’m just wondering about the flat fielding discontinuity as a result of the meridian flip as mentioned by Richard, the results of which might expain Bruce Gary’s remarks in his book "Exoplanet observing for amatuers p.14 2nd Ed. "but the meridian flips invariably produce shifts in the exoplanet light curve and this can be annoying" or maybe not.Would I be right is saying that due to the shift that each of the pixels would not cover exactly the same field therefore the flat fielding would not be identical to the earlier images and hence affect the photometry results.BTW have results for Emma (NB/2) ready just need to work out some mid-point times for stacked images.Eric