Posted by M C Butcher at 10:19 on 2011 May 16

Andrea,Many thanks for your response. I was planning to use a 20mm f/2.8 lens. Unfortunately I think your second paragraph indicates that there is something about this that I don’t fully understand.I appreciate that to get the Analemma all images must be precisely aligned and taken at exactly the same time of day. With a film camera the only way to do this is to clamp the camera to the same spot, with the same alignment for each exposure. However, with a digital camera, provided there is an identifiable object that does not move (eg a house) in the field of view can the alignment of the images not be conducted in the computer using the photo processing software? After all I can routinely take photos of terrestial scenes which I then merge together to give a panoramic view. It was this technique that I assumed made taking Analemma photographs with a digital camera much easier than with film.Or have I totally misunderstood what modern technology can do for me?Many thanks.Martin