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Posted by Nick Atkinson at 17:24 on 2014 Jan 07

Hi Paul,I suggest that you first contact StarlightXpress telecom 0118 402 6898 as they should be able to advise you on their software downloads for this camera and is free of charge.If you do not have a GOTO mount AIPWin.V2 is a good option and coming with a free book is VAT exempt. and will provide all the image manipulation features plus calibration. Should you wish to submit variable star photometry to the BAA it is fully integrated with this package.You do not say which mount you have, if this a GOTO then Astro Art and Maxim DL can be considered. AstroArt is the cheaper option but I cannot advise on this.You can download MaximDL plus Maxpoint for a free 30 day trial and all features can be tried. At $599 for the download option it is expensive but is fully featured for telescope and camera control and uses a StatlightXpress universal drivers for both your camera and auto guider. First check with SXP to see if the universal driver will support your camera. Maxim has been featured for over the last year in Astronomy Now. I use this package and have not been disappointed. The £ to $ exchange rate is favourable now.Maxpoint will integrate with Cartes du Ceil free planetarium software but you will need to down load an ASCOM driver. Later on you could always add on another planetarium.Clear skies,Nick