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Posted by Mike Harlow at 19:10 on 2014 Jan 09

Hi Paul,I’m no software expert I simply use the MX916 for acquiring images using the Starlight Xpress interface and process using IRIS. Very basic stuff. All I can say is that the MX916 is a very good camera in terms of sensitivity with it’s 11um pixels and low noise.So if you want to do some science it’s an excellent camera. If you want to take ‘pretty pictures’…maybe not so good because of it’s relatively small size. I recommend science!!!You may be interested in the image below which shows the spectral response of the camera. I got into spectroscopy last year and compared different telescope and detector combinations. The MX916 goes from about 360nm to beyond 950nm which again is a very useful spectral range.I can certainly recommend it…Mike.