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Posted by Callum Potter at 13:03 on 2012 Nov 12

Certainly it would be good to have more members using the website and contributing on the Forum.I think it’s around 1/3 to 1/2 of the members that are registered on the site. I did a quick look, and it was around 170 individual members that logged into the site in the last 4 weeks (it’s not possible to tell how many times each logged in).Often when ebulletins are sent out with new videos or journal to download, there is a flurry of registrations or password reminders. But I guess that the BAA site is not the place most members view when they are on the net.I think what will make more members visit more often, is more new content – and content production is the biggest problem to tackle.This (and other initiatives) are amongst the objectives of the new website design.Callum