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Posted by David Basey at 10:19 on 2012 Nov 10

I wonder if it comes down to visibility and accessibility?According to the last Journal we have around 3,000 members and the whole BAA site has something like 180,000 page requests per month. So if the site was ONLY accessed by members this would equate to 60 page requests per member per month or roughly 2 per day. Now obviously many non-members access the site as well pulling this figure down quite a bit. Ive no idea what the multiplier is between members and non-members but as I write this on a wet Saturday morning the home page states that there is one member online (me) and 34 guests. Clearly some of these will be members not logged in but my point is that likely a large majority of the membership will never access the BAA web pages on a regular basis to even see the forum.The 34 guests bring up the point of accessibility. To access (until recently) the Forum, never mind contribute you have to be logged in and some people are not. Now it may be they are not aware of having a log in, have forgotten their password, cant be bothered or indeed all of the above. Whichever, its an impediment to access and you have to be bothered to do it.For ease of use I have the BAA set up as the home page in my browser so every time I access the Internet, there it is in front of me and by using the remember me facility in the login the Forum is only a single click away.Maybe what we need is a note in the Journal, perhaps in the From The President column pushing the virtues of the site in general and the Forum in particular?David.