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Posted by Sheridan Williams at 19:59 on 2010 Feb 12

The problem I have is that it is very tedious and inaccurate to scan bound issues. Ideally I want copies that I can chop off the spine and feed them through my duplex sheet feeder scanner. Then I can OCR them and avoid having to stand over the scanner for hours on end. By the way, they are not simply scans of the Journal, they are fully searchable, copy and pasteable, bookmarked products.I desperately want issues that I can chop up. The reward is that I will let the donors have a DVD containing all the issues absolutely free of charge.This is a labour of love, and I’ve already spent over a year (of spare time of course) scanning. It’s the last 10% that are the problem.Once the Journals are available on the new website I’m sure people will realise what a superb resource they are, and will be willing to help me complete the collection.I’m doing this in my new role as Director of the Computing Section.