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Posted by Bill Ward at 09:33 on 2013 Sep 25

Hi,Whilst I never watched the programme religously I am undoubtably one of those described in the previous post as being inspired by the Sky at Night (a long time ago now). I have been a life long amateur and professional since.The issue of the programme being axed has now become more public with the possible demise of the Sky at Night being discussed during the Today programme on Radio 4 this morning.Personally I think the current format is rather poor. Indeed one of the issues raised by the speakers on Radio 4 was that the subject matter is now covered more widely and better on other channels and the internet/digital media. I feel if it is to survive it needs to return to a single presenter and lose the rest completely. Present a review of whats in the sky for the month ahead and bring in any experts to discuss events and topics of the day as required. Perhaps that’s considered old fashioned (rose tinted glasses etc) but it fills the need for a regular presentation of whats happening in "the sky at night". A niche audience, definitely, but the BBC is supposed to be our public service broadcaster.Anything else can be left to other programmes and broadcasters.I hope it is reformed and kept on air, maybe it will inspire future astronomers to actually go outside and have a look at the night sky!Cheers,Bill.