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Posted by Mark Jones at 12:59 on 2013 Sep 25

This is sad news, although I can’t say I’m surprised. Patrick was The Sky At Night for so long that the programme without him was always going to struggle. With all due respect to the current presenters and their knowledge and expertise, the lack of a single, carismatic host is the main issue. Patrick was so good at convincing people that they didn’t need a mass of knowledge or a degree in astrophysics to be able to go outside and look up, and also that in doing so they too could be part of something very immersive, where anything could happen next (and often did!) – "…we just don’t know". I hope the BBC keeps the name and keeps it a monthly programme. I’d welcome seeing it as an hour-long programme with a single host exploring an area of current interest, with some kind of Sky Notes section too. Kind of a blend of the Horizon and Sky At Night format. Even better if that host could now arise from the amateur community and lead the way in true Patrick style.