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Posted by Nick Hudd at 12:46 on 2013 Oct 05

The format has become a little odd since Patrick’s death. Lucie Green is an excellent presenter but the impression is that she has been given a role "bolted-on" to the rest. It needs one central presenter, but without any changes to the current personnel. Chris Lintott and Lucie Green doing a "double-act" looks odd. One of the non-physicists may be the best choice for presenter, though I would not be unhappy with one of the professional scientists either. Lucie Green, Chris Lintott, Pete Lawrence – all would fill the central role. Brian May? John Culshaw? They know the medium and could probably do the job. It needs to remain relatively low-level. Emulating Patrick’s enthusiasm may well need an amateur astronomer (but perhaps professional media person). NOT Brian Cox – perfectly OK but too bland.Since I re-adopted astronomy as a hobby on retirement, I am astonished just how popular it is. There are few people who have no interest at all in itNick Hudd