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Posted by Grant Privett at 21:50 on 2014 Feb 12

Watched it this evening. I must say it seemed to "flow" fairly well and did a passable job of combining science and popular appeal. Hopefully, it will do well.That said, I did find Dr Aderin-Pocock’s presentational style rather offputting. Is her presentation always like that? I’ve not seen her before. Her voice overs were fine, but when she was presenting to camera I found myself thinking that a monocle would appear at any moment. I don’t mind lightning fast presenters, but the diction needs to be there – something Dr Moore sadly lacked in his later years – combined with real content. Regular "Wow, isn’t the universe impressive!" declarations just don’t cut it for me. By contrast, the lady presenting the item on Jupiter was far more measured. But then again I’m a grumpy 50 something and so probably not in the demographic the Beeb are seeking to attract.