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Posted by Steve Holmes2 at 23:12 on 2014 Feb 12

Yes – I’m afraid Dr A-P’s presentation style is always like that. You’ve done yourself a favour if you’ve not come across it before! As well as the infamous ‘Do We Really Need The Moon’ she presented a fairly recent programme on earth satellites (which is at least something she should know a bit about) which was equally breathless and rather dumbed-down. As was commented in the DWRNTM topic, her "science populariser for schools" background does rather show through.There is no doubt that Dr Helen Czerski (the "Jupiter lady") or Dr Lucie Green (as seen in the previous incarnation of ‘The Sky At Night’) would have made an infinitely better job of co-presenting than Dr. A-P, but maybe they didn’t want the job. Even the ubiquitous Liz Bonnin would have been a better choice!Still, let’s hope the new batch of programmes maintains the standard the first one did well to set, and that Dr A-P is kept well in the background to avoid giving her and us any further embarrassment.Steve Holmes