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Posted by Robin Leadbeater at 16:25 on 2013 Aug 24

Nice spectrum Mike, you don’t see many objective prism spectra these days. The simple Star Analyser grating spectra are also showing the emission lines in this object well.Amateur Paolo Beradi has produced a rather nice animation showing the evolution over the first 6 days at a resolution of ~2.5A using a LHIRES Littrow spectrograph here am currently concentrating on the blue end of the spectrum where lines from the CN molecule may appear soon signalling the generation of dust.The object has raised a lot of interest among amateur spectroscopists. This has developed into an impromptu worldwide amateur spectroscopy campaign coordinated by the amateur ARAS group with over 250 spectra to date. Steve Shore at the University of Pisa is acting as unofficial PI and mentor see ATEL here the thread on the ARAs forum which includes some notes by Steve Shore on what is happening at each stage as this object evolves