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Posted by Robin Leadbeater at 21:41 on 2013 Aug 24

Hi Mike,Mike Harlow wrote:

Regarding the spectrum…I’m curious to know what the lines between about 520 and 540nm are due to?

They are Fe II lines which characterises the type of nova You either get Fe II or He/N lines appearing depending on the type. See this article by Francois Teyssier for example who is currently coordinating the amateur end of the spectroscopy campaign

And you mention CN emission…what wavelengths will they appear at?

According to Steve Shore CN absorption lines may appear briefly at 4216 and 3886A sometime in the next week. Here is a spectrum I took on 20th. two broad lines in the centre are the CaHK lines showing the classic P Cygni type shape with emission and blue shifted absorption components as the hot gas from the explosion travels outwards (The narrow absorption lines are from interstellar Ca) no sign of CN there yet though.Robin