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Posted by Denis Buczynski at 14:45 on 2012 Jun 28

Hi Mike,Good question. Yes there are other amateurs in the BAA Comet Section who are interested in undertaking this type of CCD observing. We are going to cover this subject at a Comet section meeting in the Spring 2013. At present I know that Roger Dymock one of our regular contributors does submit comet photometry to both the CARA (Italian group) project and to Mark Kidger’s Spanish group. Also that Nick James is currently looking at the details of setting up such an observing project for the BAA Comet Section. You may want to look at both these groups webpages: in conclusion, yes we are interested as a group in becoming involved with this type of CCD comet observing and would welcome anyone interested in letting us know of that interest.Denis BuczynskiSecretary BAA Comet Section