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Alex Pratt

Hi Tim,

We have a lot of experience in recording various types of occultations, and as you say we followed the guidelines for this event and promoted the campaign amongst BAA observers. Many obtained good light curves. Looking at the figures in the paper, their criterion for selecting light curves (for the atmospheric modelling) even rejected the data from the 1-metre at Pic du Midi, no less. They had 90 light curves, so they could be selective.

Note: “…the first group of figures corresponds to light curves that had sufficient S/N to be used in Triton’s atmospheric fit, while the second group is for light curves with lower S/N that were not used in the fit. It should be noted, however, that the best synthetic models expected for those light curves (plotted in grey in Figs. C.6-C.9) are fully consistent with the observations, in the limit of the noise level.”

They received lots of good data and I’m sure we’ll contribute even better light curves next time.