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Posted by Steve Holmes2 at 23:30 on 2011 Feb 23

I have now received a reply from the BBC to my complaint, but I’m afraid it’s decidedly underwhelming (no surprise there!). They freely admit to the cock-up over the moon’s orbit but seem surprised that a viewer could come to the conclusion that the programme implied that the tides are caused by the moon dragging the "water bulge" over the earth’s surface.Given the unsatisfactory nature of the response I shall be composing a further riposte, pointing out the extent of the mis-information contained within the programme and suggesting that before it is repeated (for that seems to be the intention) it should not just have the lunar orbit graphic corrected but be subject to a root-and-branch revision.I tried to attach my complaint and the response as a text file, using the "attach image" facility, but it didn’t seem to work: anybody know how to achieve this?