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Posted by Richard Miles at 11:11 on 2013 Dec 12

The analogy of the cat amongst the pigeons springs to mind. I see that her Wikipedia profile ias already up to date following the announcement in yesterday’s Guardian that she will be the new S@N TV host (alongside Chris Lintott). See: – I certainly would give her the benefit of the doubt. I do not know her personally and so am wont not to prejudge the matter. The BBC were never going to have a mad-keen amateur fronting up the show, and so long as they invite lots of amateurs with lots of different skills and experiences to participate, then it should work out. Interesting that during the early 1990’s she got involved in another branch of science (tribology) so she may be a good choice for someone who is able to bring together folk from across a variety of disciplines which might help reach new viewers and widen the scope of the programme.Richard