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Posted by Steve Holmes2 at 16:53 on 2013 Dec 14

She would indeed have been an excellent choice. Superb CV, currently active in astronomy research, interest in science education, passionate to engage the public with space science and astronomy (note!), recipient of an award for excellence in public engagement with science, very pleasant unassuming TV manner, clearly knowledgeable about her subject and interested in those of others …. and one could go on.Problem is, she’s not a "media personality", is she? Yes, I know this is actually greatly to her advantage and would make her a much more appropriate presenter than Dr A-P, but maybe the BBC don’t see things that way. Also, we’re all assuming that the present team in fact want to carry on. It could well be that they were recruited on a strictly temporary basis and are now keen to return to their "day jobs".Of the other presenters, while Chris Lintott seems to have established himself quite happily I’m not sure Messrs Abel and Lawrence could carry the programme effectively in the long term so there’s clearly a need for someone else to at least share the helm. But for goodness sake, even if Lucie Green is not willing to be that person surely there has to be someone better than Dr A-P??Suggestions, anyone?Steve Holmes