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Posted by at 15:43 on 2011 Feb 03

I missed the broadcast and recorded it for later. Reading the posts in this thread made me go and watch my recording. I was as horrified as all the other contributors. Even the ‘graphic’ showed the moon orbiting the wrong way. And was/is RNA really made in tidal pools?? I never knew it was so simple! Even without the prompting from the posts, I wondered why earth should ‘fall over’ when it has slowed enough. And she didn’t even consider the complete absence of the moon. I was half hoping she’d say the tides would disappear!! But she never got that far. She did say that it was the moon’s rotation around the earth that dragged the tides around. No mention of the earth rotating under the tidal bulge. I had intended to keep the recording for my grandchildren to watch – but not now. I’ve deleted it. If she wrote the script…………Even if she didn’t write it, didn’t she read it before presenting it? Doesn’t the BBC have any knowledgable advisors? She was listed in the programme blurb as having a doctorate. I wonder what in.