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Posted by Steve Holmes2 at 12:23 on 2011 Feb 04

Even if it had no immediate effect, at least an "official" protest of the sort suggested would show that the adverse comments this programme is attracting were not just down to the lunatic fringe (pun not intended!). Mind you, if the BBC programme makers monitor their own message-boards they can hardly fail to be aware that "DWRNTM" was not one of their most successful offerings! The reverse-orbiting moon was picked up pretty quickly by Joe Public, as was the fact that it’s actually the rotation of the earth under the "water bulge" that causes the tides, not the bulge being dragged over the earth’s surface by the moon’s orbital movement. (as already noted by J M Aucken)Given the desirability of an official approach, what should be the next step? Is the Council of the BAA willing to take a lead?