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Posted by Grant Privett at 09:36 on 2013 Dec 20

Yes, I know what you mean about the dithering provided by a mount’s PEC (and/or slight non-alignment) reducing noise – I used a Super Polaris for some years and found that after 50 or so frames the background could be very smooth indeed.RE: flats I wasnt thinking of photometry – it can be done with a DSLR, but its not the obvious choice. The main advantage of a flat in this instance is in reducing obvious vignetting. I feel dark corners in images detract from the overall appearance – especially with extended targets.It doesnt take long to create a flat (I put a plain fairly opaque plastic bag over the end of my ‘scope and point it at a nearby evenly illuminated wall) and with some scenes the resulting image is greatly improved. Not essential, but often worth it if you have the time.