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Posted by Duncan Bryson at 23:06 on 2011 Dec 01

Paul A Brierley wrote:

The BAA publish a good beginners, guide book, on digtal slr imaging.As for cameras.I believe most, if not all Canon DSLR, are the camera of choice. The 1000D being a particularly good camera, used by many.But the more expensive Nikon cameras, are also proving popular.Below is a web link for Jerry Lodriguss website. Here I think you’ll find a fair bit of information.

I have a 1000D and let me recommend it highly. It is an incredibly good camera and does me well. It does not have a video mode. I have not changed mine as I love taking landscape photographs, which you can see on my website if you wish. Also on my website is my Moon photo which was taken through a 4inch telescope attached to my 1000DClear skies