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Posted by Gordon MacLeod at 14:01 on 2012 Jan 03

Thanks for that comprehensive response Martin which I have been slow to respond to. I just got a 1000d Canon SLR which I am delighted to have received a few days in advance of my birthday!My own telescope for imaging is a modest Skywatcher Evostar 80mm ED, so I am buying some parts to attach the camera to it.I read with interest, and although it’s not really amusing- I have some shared sympathy, about your weather situation.I too have a small shed/utility room I store my equipment in, more so I can get in and out quickly to avoid and return things into quickly in the event of rain, snow, sleet, etc..I originally was raised on Arran, the most southerly island, but now live in Caithness, so I know how the wind can both be prohibitive to stable images, and just how quickly it blows over clouds when you’re back is turned!Best Wishes and thanks again for responding,Gordon