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Posted by Gordon MacLeod at 19:38 on 2011 Oct 08

Thanks again for all your advice.One further query if you can give me the benefit of your advice:I would like to capture auroral displays, but in time I would imagine I’d like to capture comets and galaxies.I bought and received the BAA guide today to DSLR astrophotography in the post today.I’ve just read it and the more I read around the subject on the internet, the more it seems to be recommended that you remove, or to get the Infrared filter removed.However, will it still be able to capture these objects if it not removed?I know you can send the camera away to be mdified in this way; or buy one already modified, but the technicality of removing the IR filter seems only for the very proficient plus the fact it nullifies the warranty, and the mark up on modified ones seems a bit much.Thanks again in advance of any replies.