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Posted by Richard Miles at 09:37 on 2012 Nov 06

Morning Tony,Several folk are doing exoplanet transits and a paper by Darryl Sergison entitled "High precision photometry: detection of exoplanet transits using a small telescope" was accepted for publication a few months back so should be appearing in the Journal soon. Hopefully Darryl’s fine work will encourage many others to observe these transit events.I suppose one implied question in what you write is: "Should we coordinate the work on exoplanets that BAA members are doing?" The observing methods used have a lot in common with eclipsing binary observations and also with determining asteroid rotational lightcurves. I don’t believe that exoplanet, work is so different that it requires the setting up a new observing section however. We could from time to time highlight people’s work in the Observers’ Forum part of the Journal as a start.Do members have any views, I wonder?Richard Miles